Regantris Hotel Surabaya Brings an Intimate Wedding to Life

Minggu, 23 Agustus 2020 - 01:49
Regantris Hotel Surabaya Brings an Intimate Wedding to Life An Intimate Wedding Showcase of Regantris Hotel Surabaya. (Photo: Dok Regantris Hotel)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTARegantris Hotel Surabaya brings out their intimate wedding package for the customers to answer their need of exclusive wedding party. For this the hotel hold a showcase to show that they have had prepare the wedding party in such a safe way.

In order to hype up the event the hotel brings local vendors to support the event. They are Memoro Bridal, Biehin Tailor, Maria Regina Mua, Nancy Wong Couture, and Rahel Rosario Photography.


"We will provide all the guests at hand sanitizer to sterilize their hands. We will also make sure they do physical distancing during the party," the Assistant Sales Manager Regantri Hotel Surabaya said on Friday (21/8/2020.

They will ask every of the guest to wear a mask and face shield for their own safety. This was to make sure that the guests go back to their own home safely.

Meanwhile, the hotel also reduce the number of the guest into half of it. Normally, they could accommodate around 150 people at a time, yet during this pandemic they reduce the number of the guests to only 75 of it.

You could have their intimate wedding party for IDR 5,8 K/32 pax. You will also get room for your honeymoon. A beautiful aisle a band to make your party at Regantris Hotel Surabaya unforgettable. (*)


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