Get All Javanese Vintage Style and Taste at Resto Ndalem Ratu Malang

Selasa, 25 Agustus 2020 - 03:38
Get All Javanese Vintage Style and Taste at Resto Ndalem Ratu Malang Lontong sayur, teh, jamu and krupuk at Resto Ndalem Ratu Malang. (PHOTO: Nadira Rahmasari/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – If you willing to have all Javanese vintage taste of food, Resto Ndalem Ratu Malang is such a perfect place for you to go. You could find this restaurant at Jalan Kartanegara Barat, Singosari, Malang, East Java.

Resto Ndalem Ratu names taken from a local language which literally means as The Queen’s Restaurant. Beside all vintage food this restaurant offers a unique vintage ambience all over the corner.

Resto Ndalem Ratu brought several traditional royal foods on its time of Majapahit, Singasari, and Kediri Kingdom up to your table. They have nasi kuning (yellow spicy rice), nasi urap (rice with salad and shredded coconut), lontong sayur (rice cake with curry soup) and some more.

They also give their workers a Javanese traditional outfit to add more vintage atmosphere to the restaurant. “We use this daily. It’s to make us blended with theme we have at our restaurant,” Dewi, the manager of Resto Ndalem Ratu said.

Furthermore, to introduce the local heritage more, the restaurant also provides a tour to the three kingdoms (Singasari, Majapahit, and Kediri) for those who willing to have it. yet, they need to book the package in advance to make sure the package is available.

The food and vintage design of Resto Ndalem Ratu Malang has attracted so much people around the country to visit this place. this place will be filled with visitors and customers especially during weekend. (*)


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