This is How it Feels Like to Chill at Tunggul Manik Hill Tulunggung

Senin, 24 Agustus 2020 - 05:21
This is How it Feels Like to Chill at Tunggul Manik Hill Tulunggung Some spot to rest at Tunggul Manik Hill Tulungagung. (Photo: Dok Desa Kradinan Tulungagung)

TIMESINDONESIA, TULUNGAGUNG – As some of area in Tulungagung lies in mountains area, this place also has some interesting tourist attraction with hill as its main view. Such as what they have in Bukit Tunggul Manik or Tunggul Manik Hill.

Located at Kradinan, Pagerwojo, Tulungagung this tourist attraction was officially opened on January 2020, right before the pandemic struck the country. And this hill now has been reopened due to the new normal life adjustment.

Tunggul Manik Hill offers an enchanting view of the surrounded area from the top. Lots of people have been enchanted with its beauty and visit this place over and over. Most of the visitors are coming from the local area, but some of them also coming outside of the city.

“This place has given such a big contribution to the village itself. Normally there will be around 1000 visitors coming to this place each day,” Jarwo, The Chief of Kradinan Village said.

At night, this place also offers a beautiful view of the glimmering light of the city and a romantic ambience around the hill. The local government planned to add some more attraction at the area to attract more visitors.

Still according to him, the local communities of Tulungagung also get some advantages of the Tunggul Manik Hill. They built small food shop and restaurants around the area for the visitors to rest.  “There has been 11 food shop built around the area. And each of them has their very own signature dish,” Jarwo added. (*)


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