Dira Group Established Garden-themed Cafe

Minggu, 23 Agustus 2020 - 15:56
Dira Group Established Garden-themed Cafe The visitors at Café Anggrek Dira Group are choosing the ornamental plants. (PHOTO: Dody Bayu Prasetyo/TIMES Indonesia)Saturday

TIMESINDONESIA, JEMBER – In these recent years, demand for ornamental plants among the city dwellers in Jember, East Java, has soared. This phenomenon becomes a great business opportunity.

Dira Group, one of the most remarkable tourism businesses in Jember, has grabbed this good business opportunity by establishing a garden and ornamental plant shop in Jalan Raya Kraton, Kencong sub-district, Jember.

Dira Group also established a café inside this garden, which is then named as Café Anggrek.

The Manager of Café Anggrek Dira Shopping, Freddy S., said that this garden-themed café sells a huge variety of popular ornamental plants, such as orchids, aglaonema, and monstera. There are also many other fascinating, aesthetically pleasant ornamental plants in here.

The price of the ornamental plants can vary from IDR 5,000 to IDR 900,000.

 “The price varies according to the type and the size of the plants. We have provided banners and catalogues for the customers to get information about the available ornamental plants in our garden,” Freddy said.

One of the visitors, Ruri Rosalinda, said that this garden-themed café is a good tourism destination that can be a good source of information about various ornamental plants.

 “As an anthophile, I am happy when I know that there is a new garden-themed café in this city. I also take my children to this place so that they can learn more about types of flowers,” Ruri stated. (*)


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