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Take a Look Closer at Balinese Kecak Dance Nowadays

Selasa, 25 Agustus 2020 - 04:22
Take a Look Closer at Balinese Kecak Dance Nowadays Kecak Dance performed at Pura Uluwatu, Bali on Sunday (23/8/2020). (Photo: The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy)

TIMESINDONESIA, DENPASAR – In order to bring back the tourist to visit Bali, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) holds Kecak Dance showcase at Pura Uluwatu on Sunday (22/8/2020).  This event was held together with the launching QRIS based digital payment for ticketing tourism in Bali.  

Both of the events were a way of local government to adjust themselves with the new protocol standard in hospitality business. “We hope that this methods could bring Balinese tourism back to live,” Wawan Gunawan, the director of area development of Kemenparekraf said on Sunday (23/8/2020).


Meanwhile, according to the manager of Uluwatu, I Wayan Wijana said that the place will be like an empty hall without the presence of Kecak Dance performance. “We are sure that Kecak Dance could bring the tourist back to Bali,” he said.


To adjust with the new protocol, there are several improvements done by the dance choreographer. The entire dancer must to wear a mask or at least a face shield. They also reduce the number of the dancer and create a row between the dancers to give them a chance to do a physical distancing.


 Not only are the dancers, the visitors are needed to wear a mask as well. They will also asked to do physical distancing during their time watching the show. They are also supposed to wash their hand or put hand sanitizer on their hand occasionally.


“With the beauty of sunset at Uluwatu beach as the background, and the coherence of Kecak Dance, I believe the tourist won’t missed this show out once they visit Bali,” Head of Bank Indonesia Representative Office of said. (*)


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