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Indonesia, The Heaven on Earth XI: South East Sulawesi

Kamis, 27 Agustus 2020 - 05:55
Indonesia, The Heaven on Earth XI: South East Sulawesi Wakatobi Islands. (Photo: Deeperblue)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Covered by the lush of green forest South East Sulawesi hides millions of exotic creatures and places. You could find numerous exotic creatures in every places such as Deer, Wild Pigs, Small Rodent-Like animals called Kus-Kus, Monkey, Snakes, Anoa (small buffalo) and hundreds variety of birds.

Check out their most wonderful places you need to see at South East Sulawesi.

1. Wakatobi Islands

You could say Wakatobi as the best place to have an enchanting view of underwater scenery. Exploring the area with diving and snorkeling will be the best experience you could ever have. Beside of those beautiful corals and fishes, you could also find some turtles, and Kingfisher birds and many more.

2. Moramo Waterfall

Located at Sumber Sari, Moramo, South Konawe, South East Sulawesi, this place could be reached within 1,5 hours’ drive from Kendari. The waterfall has the height of 100 meters. It consists of different levels. These include 7 primary levels and tens of small levels. Each level offers a flawless beauty that will melt your heart once you see it.

3. Malige

Malige is the custom house of East South Sulawesi. It’s a rig building from woods which hook from one another without nails and scraps. just some wooden peg supporting the wood. However, this house stands solid on the ground like it was made of concrete.

The house has around 40 pillars to support it to stay steady on the ground. The house usually has 3-4 floors that used for different purposes. The first and seconf floor are used as the royal family’s house. The third floor to save some heirloom and the last floor usually used for meditation.

4. Kabuto

Kabuto is one staple food for Muna people of South East Sulawesi. It is a substitute for rice since they can’t grow rice in coastal area. It’s kind of high carbs food for its made of cassava. The cassava will be dried under the sun and then cooked and served with grated coconut and salted fish.

5. Wawoselea Hot Spring

This hot springs has lured the tourist to visit South East Sulawesi. This place offers a comfortable and relaxing nuance in serenity. Wawolesea has salty water. It is similar to seawater, but it comes with a sulfuric aroma. Despite this uniqueness, the hot spring offers a comfortable sensation and healing properties. (*)


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